Annual Producer Symposium
This one-day program is open to all sheep producers provides an educational opportunity for producers, educators and other professionals in sheep and related agribusiness industries. Youth are an important segment of the sheep industry and are invited to attend as well. The programs feature excellent speakers on a variety of topics, and commercial exhibitors are often present.

The ISA Annual Meeting is also held in conjunction with the Symposium. During the annual meeting, new officers/directors are elected and important items for ISA members are discussed. 2019 Hoosier Sheep Symposium will be held September 21, 2019. SAVE THE DATE!

Field Days
ISA Field Days deal with several aspects of sheep production and management, offering participants the opportunity to visit a successful sheep farming operation dedicated to sheep production in a profitable way. Sheep farmers and anyone interested in sheep management are cordially invited to attend.

Indiana Sheep Industry Directory
This online resource connects anyone interested in the sheep industry with Indiana producers, shearers, guardian or herding animal suppliers and others involved in related agribusinesses. [ CLICK HERE ]

Make It With Wool Winners

Guidelines for 2019 [ CLICK HERE ]

Howard Wyman Sheep Industry Leadership School
The Howard Wyman Sheep Leadership School is made possible with major support from the American Lamb Board, National Sheep Improvement Center, American Sheep Industry Association and other donors. This annual national program is open to participants 20 years of age and older interested in learning techniques to improve their sheep industry business operations and profitability. For more details, go to the National Lamb Feeders website.

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