Producer Resources

Processing Facilities

Indiana Lamb Processing Facilities as of May 2020
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Townsend’s Sales: Livestock Equipment
We offer the absolute best in sheep and goat feeders, handling chutes, fitting stands, cattle chutes, headgates, automatic waterers, mineral feeders, livestock scales and more!
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National Livestock Producers Association Sheep & Goat Fund
The NLPA Sheep and Goat Fund is a revolving fund established within NLPA to assist the U.S. sheep and goat industries by strengthening and enhancing the production and marketing of sheep and goats and their products in the United States. The purpose of the fund has been to assist in financing projects beyond the farm gate; however, as of June 2013 the fund has the ability to make term loans to sheep producers for the purpose of flock expansion.  


American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control
Parasites are the number one killer in sheep and goats and on many farms, de-wormers are no longer effective. The ACSRPC is a group of scientists, veterinarians, and extension specialists devoted to (1) developing novel methods for sustainable control of gastro-intestinal nematodes in small ruminants and (2) educating the stakeholders in the small ruminant industry on the most up-to-date methods and recommendations for control of gastrointestinal nematodes.  
Parasite Control
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Indiana State Resources

Indiana Sheep Facts Brochure
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Indiana Board of Animal Health
Site provides information on interstate shipping requirements, food safety and inspection, Indiana exhibition requirements and more.  
Indiana Department of Agriculture
The Indiana State Department of Agriculture envisions Indiana to be a “global center for food and agricultural innovation and commercialization.”  
Purdue Agriculture / Animals & Livestock
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The National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
ATTRA - is developed and managed by the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT). This site provides information on raising organic livestock, grazing and much more.  
In this video, staff members introduce ATTRA's resources and mission.
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Sheep: Sustainable and Organic Production. This ATTRA publication introduces concerns and practices specifically related to sustainable sheep production. Topics covered include breed selection, controlled grazing, pasture lambing, alternative health management, and innovative marketing of meat and wool products.
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Farmer Veteran Coalition
We cultivate a new generation of farmers and food leaders, and develop viable employment and meaningful careers through the collaboration of the farming and military communities. We believe that veterans possess the unique skills and character needed to strengthen rural communities and create sustainable food systems. We believe that agriculture offers purpose, opportunity, and physical and psychological benefits.
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Pipestone Lamb and Wool Program
This program is a sheep management education/consulting program offered by Minnesota West Community & Technical College located at Pipestone, Minnesota. Home study and online courses are available. The program's goal is to help sheep producers increase income and profit through the production of quality lamb and wool by maximizing the profit per ewe and by realizing the full potential of all sheep through use of modern management practices, new technologies, and new approaches to marketing both lamb and wool.  
Sheep 101
The purpose of Sheep 101 is to teach 4-H and FFA members, students, teachers, beginning shepherds, and the general public about sheep, their products, how they are raised, and their contributions to society. The site uses simple language and pictures to illustrate the various topics.  
Sheep 201: A Beginners Guide to Raising Sheep
The information is intended to be applicable to different kinds of sheep and sheep production systems. Sheep 101 and 201 are written by Susan Schoenian (Shay-ne-un). Susan is the Sheep & Goat Specialist at the University of Maryland's Western Maryland Research & Education Center in Keedysville, Maryland. She has been with University of Maryland Extension since 1988.  
US Department of Agriculture: Organic Agriculture
USDA is committed to helping organic agriculture grow and thrive. To help meet Secretary Vilsack's goal of increasing the number of certified organic operations, USDA is delivering results through its many programs which serve the growing organic sector. Information on certification, financial resources, education and research.
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Marketing - Lamb

Indiana Certified Livestock Producer Program
The Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) developed the Certified Livestock Producer Program as a way to recognize livestock farmers that go above and beyond in their farm practices and procedures. This voluntary program will recognize farmers that are willing to demonstrate publicly their commitment to the environment, animal well-being, food safety, emergency planning, biosecurity and being a good neighbor in their community.
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Indiana Grown
Indiana Grown is a statewide, all-inclusive and collaborative program promoting Indiana-produced agricultural products. The program enriches and preserves Indiana’s strong agricultural heritage by promoting locally grown agricultural products, local employment opportunities and statewide economic growth, all while building sustainable communities. The state is launching a new initiative to put "Indiana Grown" labels on designated meats, milk, vegetables, cheese, fruit and other local produce. Also, a new app will soon allow consumers to use their smartphones to scan UPC codes to learn more details about each product's source.  
Indiana Market Maker
MarketMaker is a national network of states that connect farmers and fishermen with food retailers, grocery stores, processors, caterers, chefs, and consumers.
Connecting markets and quality food sources from farm and fishery to fork  
Market Maker Introduction Video
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Livestock Marketing Information Center
The Livestock Marketing Information Center (LMIC) has provided economic analysis and market projections concerning the livestock industry, since 1955. Center resources contribute to economic education, support applied research projects, and policy evaluation. Center staff continuously update forecasts, projections and support materials related to market situation and outlook. The LMIC is a unique cooperative effort between state university extension specialists, USDA economists, industry cooperators and Center staff.  
Local Harvest
Every day, at least 15,000 people visit LocalHarvest. Over 3 million people visited our site last year, and traffic continues to rise. Plus, it’s free! When you join LocalHarvest, you create a “listing” for your farm — essentially your own web page within the LocalHarvest site. You can upload a photo of your farm, create a link to your farm’s own web site, list the products that you sell, and publicize on-farm events. There is also a section for Fiber Crafts.
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Marketing - Wool

AdMRC: Agricultural Marketing Resource Center - Wool
This page contains a number of topics related to wool marketing.
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Local Harvest
Every day, at least 15,000 people visit LocalHarvest. Over 3 million people visited our site last year, and traffic continues to rise. Plus, it’s free! When you join LocalHarvest, you create a “listing” for your farm — essentially your own web page within the LocalHarvest site. You can upload a photo of your farm, create a link to your farm’s own web site, list the products that you sell, and publicize on-farm events. There is also a section for Fiber Crafts.
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National Industry Resources

American Sheep Industry Association (ASI)
From the domestic and international promotion of wool and pelts to its work on legislative, science and technology, animal health and resource management issues, ASI is a producer-powered federation of state organizations dedicated to the common goal of promoting the profitability and well-being of the U.S. sheep industry.  
American Lamb Board, a division of ASI
Vision: A unified, thriving American Lamb industry that concentrates its resources around a prioritized and measurable plan that fosters the opportunity for profitability for all contributors.
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NIAA issue initiatives encompass the entire animal agriculture field including cattle, sheep, swine, avian, equine and aquaculture industries. The organization addresses many traditional livestock industry issues, such as animal health, animal care and handling, animal production (on-farm) food safety, animal identification and information systems and environmental issues, but also engages in emerging issues such as international trade and biotechnology, preventive herd/flock health strategies, disease eradication, animal health emergency management, animal health and trade and emerging diseases.  
National Sheep Improvement Program
Mission: To provide predictable, economically important genetic evaluation information to the American sheep industry by converting performance records into relevant decision-making tools.  


American Wool Council
The largest division of ASI, the American Wool Council works to improve the American wool industry and to promote the usage of American wool both in domestic and international markets. The 14-member American Wool Council currently oversees wool promotion activities made possible by the Wool Trust Fund. The objective of the Wool Trust Fund program is to assist U.S. wool producers in improving the quality of wool produced in the United States and to assist U.S. wool producers in the development and promotion of the wool market. Primary program areas are _quality improvement, including new technology, market accessibility, market information, wool production and quality assurance; _market research and promotion; and _communication. The export marketplace is becoming increasingly important for U.S. wool producers. As a result, the American Wool Council has increased its work in the international marketplace to ensure that buyers around the world are aware of the quality and availability of American wool. ASI secures funding for international market development activities from the U.S. Department of Agricultures Foreign Agricultural Service. The Wool Trust Fund supports international programs.
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The Campaign for Wool
The Campaign for Wool is a global community of sheep farmers, retailers, designers, manufacturers and consumers united by our patron His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. It aims to educate as many people as possible about the incredible benefits and versatility of wool in fashion, furnishings and everyday life. This in turn, supports many small businesses and local farmers whose livelihoods depend on the wool industry.
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Discover Natural Fibres Initiative
The Discover Natural Fibres Initiative (DNFI) was started under the patronage of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in January 2010. One of the specific objectives of the IYNF was to bring allied natural fibre industries together for mutual support in the communication of the importance and benefits of natural fibre industries.  
International Wool Textile Organization
Our mission is to connect all parts of the wool supply chain in order to strengthen wool’s credentials as the world’s leading sustainable fibre and represent the wool industry at international level.  

Indiana Sheep Association

Bringing Indiana's Sheep Industry Together Since 1876