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Happy lambing!
A note from ISA President, Paul Russell
Lambing season — some have been at it for a month or two, some are just getting started and others are hoping to miss this cold weather and will lamb in the spring. We are lambing out our thirty-seventh crop of lambs and I still get excited when each lamb takes that first breath and gets up and going. I am still amazed that each year brings on a situation we have never dealt with before. If I’d only known raising sheep could be this educational, I would have started writing a book. This is why I am convinced that all new start up flocks should have a mentor to help with all situations that arise. (Continue)

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The Indiana Sheep Association is a non-profit organization that exists to serve, support and advance the Indiana sheep industry and Indiana agriculture. It was originally founded as the Indiana Wool Growers Association in 1876. The Indiana Sheep Association is one of the oldest livestock organizations in Indiana. The unification effort by early members indicates tremendous wisdom to realize the collective efforts of many can often accomplish what the best singular efforts of one cannot.

ISA…Bringing Indiana’s sheep industry together since 1876.

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