We are proud to support, promote and provide educational resources for the Indiana sheep industry and consumers. Today’s members include a wide range of breeders, wool producers, farm fresh and commercial lamb growers, 4-H and FFA students, supportive businesses and other interested individuals. As the ISA continues to address producers’ most pressing concerns, you too can share this rich heritage and learn valuable skills to improve your operation by joining ISA today.

The Indiana Sheep Association acts as the unifying and authoritative voice of the Indiana sheep industry at the local, state, regional and national levels. ISA accomplishes its mission by supporting, educating and promoting Indiana producers, educating consumers about the value of sheep, wool, and the sheep industry in Indiana, and cooperating with Purdue University in its extension, research and teaching programs.



In an effort to bring to Indiana Sheep Producers good educational programing and activities, the Indiana Sheep Association is asking for producer inputs, comments and suggestions to help the ISA Board of Directors in their planning process. Below you will find some questions to help stimulate your thinking.

The 2020 Hoosier Sheep Symposium is scheduled to be held on Saturday, September 26, 2020 at a place to be determined.

  1. Where would you like for the Symposium to be held?
  2. What area of the State?
  3. List the subjects you would like covered?
  4. Recommended speakers?
  5. Do you support a 2-day program with a social function the evening of the first day?  Yes or No
  6. Would you support a Winter Educational Program in odd numbered years? Yes or No
  7. Would you support a Summer Educational Program in even numbered years?  Yes or No

With a paid membership in the Indiana Sheep Association, members receive “The Indiana Sheep News” the official publication of the Association. On a scale of 1-10, with one being the lowest and 10 being the highest how would rate the Indiana Sheep News?

What programs or activities would you like for ISA to be involved? Please list.

SEND YOU COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS TO executive@indianasheep.com

Thank you for your support of the Indiana Sheep Industry!



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